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© is a multi-vendor marketplace connecting members of the steel shipping container industry. Having more than 20 years of experience to draw from, we created a unique and secure portal for businesses to buy, sell, and broker containers to other businesses, or direct to the public. Container-Source is a custom software built by the container industry, for the container industry, and unlike any other sales system.

Use our vendor portal as a one-stop shop to securely manage your inventory, sales, employee security, product locations, and custom business reports. You can keep as much or as little information private to help expand your business by connecting to third party businesses around the globe. Connect with other businesses in our B2B marketplace or "disconnect" and sell direct to the public. Your business data, transactions, and statuses are kept on our secure server so products and business transactions can be tracked and updated in real time.

Our B2B Marketplace gives you a fresh way to see inventory posted by other local, or international, businesses. Search by region, market area, or nearby businesses to view, post, and engage in new business relationships. Stop relying on bulk emails and paperwork to get a glimpse at the growing industry around you. Connect with other businesses in real time and see where your business can take you.

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